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The Overview of the Ornamental Plant Industry in Thailand

Thailand has approximately 1500 rai (approx. 600 acres) of ornamental cultivation farm (not including orchids). Based on the information from Department of agriculture,  the export of Thailand in 2008 reached to 432.32 million baht (approx. US$ 14.5 million) and reached to 955.95 million baht (approx. US$32 million) in 2009.

The main buyers or imported countries are including United States, Korea, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Japan, etc. The main types of vegetations that Thailand export, namely Sansevieria,  Polyscias, Curcuma,Paper flower,Aadenium

In 2010, Thailand ornamental plant export value was 391.37 million baht (approx. US$ 13 million), which is noticeably decreased in value because of natural disasters occurring around the world, the higher of oil price moving up continuously, European economic and also the government policy to manage strong Thai baht value. However in 2011, we expect that the world market value of ornamental plants may be higher to 3.4 trillion baht (approx. US$110 billion) and the amount of international trade will be not less than 500 billion baht (approx. US$ 17 billion). The Netherlands will be the biggest export calculated at 47.9% of total value of the world market.

In addition, an orchid cultivation area in Thailand is 22,200 rai (approx. 8,780 acres) from 2,960 farmers for cut flower orchid and 1,200 rai (approx. 475 acres) from 500 farmers for orchid plants; it makes Thailand to be the World Top 10 orchids and ornamentals export country.   See more